The ICT Department

At Gateway Primary we aim to provide a learning environment where students embrace technology and staff are appropriately trained to meet the needs of students’ learning. 

Teaching, instructing with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to provide understanding, discernment teaching the right use of technology instead of using it to harm the world and how to turn that around to Glorify God. In conjunction with the Resource Centre we educate children on how to identify truth in the world’s resources. Selecting resources that are promoting the Christian World View foundations during lessons and research lesson time. Knowing the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.

The ICT syllabus is one of nine learning areas at the Junior level.  Gateway Primary is one of the first Primary Schools to teach Cambridge ICT Junior with Zimsec.  We will cover Stage 1 Levels 1, 2 and 3 during the primary school level.   It provides a broad perspective on the basic knowledge and practical skills on how to use and apply a variety of technologies in everyday life. 

The syllabus intends to equip learners with a general understanding of how information systems are designed to suit particular applications and how such systems work. The ICT syllabus incorporates various subject content while learning ICT. The syllabus will follow a developmental approach that will lead learners to grow into a mature relationship with ICT throughout the junior education course.

Weekly Computer Lessons

  • ECD, Grade 1 and 2 have 30-minute computer lessons per week. 
  • Grade 3-7 students will have a 1-hour lesson per week and an option to attend the Computer Club on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Students in Grades 3-7 will receive Theory homework every second week and Practical via the d6 portal.
  • Students are encouraged to practice typing skills every alternative week.

Technology Set-Up 

Gateway Primary is digitally networked with a robust and secure wireless infrastructure in a PC/Mac environment. There is one computer laboratory using thin clients and desktops. Ultra Short Throw interactive projector and screen mounted projector and audio system are installed in all classrooms.

The Junior Grade 1-4 teacher Miss Tapfumanei and the Grade 5-7 Mr A. Dalton are equipped with a laptop and tablet to ensure interactive teaching.   The ICT Learning Centre provides Information, Communication and Technology Lessons for Grade 1-7 in a 1:1 setup. 

Gateway Primary has a one-to-one iPad classroom mobile lab program strategy for students.   Our goal is to equip students to access revision lessons from home soon to enable them to review important principles lost or forgotten and to enhance learning to grow as a mature independent student in preparation for High School.