Shona Department

God has blessed us with the capacity to learn other languages. In Harare province, English is the main medium of instruction, followed by Shona - for those who live in the Matabeleland area, it is Ndebele. Shona is one of the major official languages in Zimbabwe. It is the medium of communication for local people living in our region, therefore there is therefore a need to teach it in schools.

Teaching Shona enables pupils to communicate meaningfully to Shona speaking visitors to the school. It also enables them to effectively communicate with the less privileged in rural areas when they go on outreach trips.

Language unites. Failure to understand or speak a language immediately puts a barrier between people. Understanding a people’s language helps one appreciate their culture more. Therefore, teaching Shona helps pupils to communicate effectively with each other, as well as making it possible for students to appreciate the Shona culture and embrace diversity. In addition, learning Shona fosters a sense of identity in Shona pupils who belong to the Gateway School community. Pupils are able to communicate with their peers when they go on out reach programmes in the rural areas. They can share the gospel better when they are able to speak the language of the people they are ministering to. They also understand better the teachings and what the Shona speaking pupils and teachers will be saying to them. Generally they are accepted in that community in a more welcoming manner or they accept other people for better.

Shona is one the examinable subjects at Grade 7 level. As a Christian school, our desire is to do our best in every aspect of school life, and this includes excelling in Shona.

Gateway Primary offers Shona from Grade 1 to 7 and offers the Zimsec Shona Exam at end of Grade 7 year and the ATS CHISZ Exam for Grade 7’s.  The Grade 3-6 students will have access to a small shona class available in L1 and L2 with qualified Shona teachers.

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Ecclesiastes 9:10