d6 School Communicator

Gateway Early Childhood Centre, Gateway Primary and Gateway High School will use this primary method of communication in the aim to support green communication. In the  past  too many children lost papers and parent didn’t get the communication and we felt it is irresponsible to keep on printing communication.

In this process we decided to equip parents with a user-friendly app that can be installed for FREE on any of your devices.

The application will provide the following information:

  • Calendar for the term showing all scheduled events, venues and time
  • Resources for events e.g. event programme for gala, athletics day’s and policies and procedures
  • Weekly news from the headmaster
  • Monthly Gateposts articles from each department one PDF
  • Gallery photos showing highlights of events (note parents can upload via d6 to the gallery while attending events if you wish to share a good angle photo with other parents)
  • Alerts: urgent notifications will pop-up for urgent communication messages
  • Bulk SMS alert
  • E-mail news from Teachers, Clubs and
  • Homework (Only used for special assignments)